Bee Besos/Bee Kisses Just For You

Bee Besos

$2.00 each or 6 for $10.00

AKA “Bee Kisses”.  A small beeswax flower made from 100% natural beeswax with no added perfumes, colors, etc…  Makes a terrific gift, has dozens of uses.   With every Bee Beso, you are helping to rescue distressed honey bees and bumblebees in the area.  These little beeauties help us to keep the proper equipment, tools and resources on hand to properly remove and relocate bee nests that might otherwise be killed.

  • WIck-less Candle. – Melt in a candle melting device such as those used for melting candles.  Enjoy the Scent of Summer as the beeswax melts having an effect of positive ionization on the air in the room and used by many as a great to let their cares melt away and relax.
  • Thread wax.  Help yourself thread a needle much easier by running your thread across the beeswax to stiffen it up and let it slide right through the eye of the candle as it is supposed to do.
  • Natural Waterproof – If you want to keep a nail or a screw from rusting or have metal objects glide smoothly against one another, rub them with the beeswax and let natures toolbox help you fix things properly.
  • Invite In Style – melt a beeswax flower and when used with an embossing tool, it makes for the most intimate seal on your graduation, wedding and other special occasion invitations and notices.
  • Several other creative and imaginative uses for the beeswax and the little bee that attends it.

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