BBE-Tech Apiary Services at Mini-Makers Faire at DoSpace

I will be at the Mini-Makers Faire in the DoSpace on 72 & Dodge on Saturday April 15th.

My display will include examples of the tools, equipment and methods used to build bee hive’s, to perform live bee swarm captures and live removals from structures, and in making beeswax craft items.

Since the DoSpace seems to frown on the idea of taking a live observation bee hive inside, I will also have a “digital” bee hive on display.

So many people never get to see what goes on beehind the scenes in working with bees.  As a professional apiarist, I use these tools and equipment regularly whereas the vast majority of people may have little to no opportunity to see how all this works.

If you are interested in seeing how things work and watching people use creative, innovative ideas to get things done, come on out and visit me at the Mini-Makers Faire Saturday.  I’ll bee there all day.

Also, I will have information on how anyone can bee a hero and help keep bees alive and thriving.

Bee there or bee square.


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