When I say I’m a professional

Often I am asked what is the difference between a professional apiarist and not being a professional.  It’s a great question.

I look at beeing a professional as…

  • Treating clients and customers with respect and dignity.  That doesn’t mean I kowtow or am deferential and I most certainly do not think it means that the “customer is always right.”  It means I will treat people with all due respect and courtesy as called for, giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  • It means performing services and providing products that are of the best value and quality as I am able to provide.  I don’t cut corners, I don’t “cheat”.
  • Being a professional means being accountable and responsible for what I do.  I have business liability insurance as part of being responsible.  I have set procedures and best practices in place so that there is less chance or opportunity for unnecessary errors.
  • Beeing professional means being able to explain not just what is going to happen or how it happens, but being able to give detailed, understandable reasons, details and facts in explanation when talking with clients and customers.
  • I use proper tools, equipment, materials and procedures because just “making do” can cause more problems than it fixes and you don’t hire a professional to just “make do”.
  • I invest in myself, my education, my training, my access to resources, continually.  Things change all the time, a professional is expected to keep up with those changes as related to their work.
  • I admit that I am human, I will make mistakes, I will have errors.  When that happens, I will do my level best to make it right.

There it is, when I refer to myself as a professional apiarist, that is what I am talking about, that’s what I intend to deliver each time, every time, all the time.  That is what you are paying for, the absolute best I can bring to the table.


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