Bee Rescue and Rehabilitation

I provide;

  • Swarm Capture.
  • Remove Honey bees and nests from business and residential structures.
  • Remove Bumblebees and nests from business and residential properties.

Both honey bees and bumblebees build nests to live in.  In most cases, the places they build those nests work out just fine to keep them healthy and thriving.  However, sometimes they end up making new nests in locations that make it difficult for them to successfully co-habitats with people.

In far too many of those situations, people have tried to exterminate the bees out of fear and misunderstanding.  In other situations, the bees become extremely defensive because of the close traffic to the location of their nest which creates a public safety hazard.

By making the effort to perform a live rescue of the bees in situations where there is no alternative but to remove them from the area, I can keep more colonies of bumblebees and honey bees healthy and alive and remove any safety issues for people who unfortunately found themselves unknowingly to be seen as a threat to those colonies.

At BBE-Tech Apiary Services, we relocate only those bees and bee nests which are in unresolvable conflict with human and animal habitat.  Of those we do rescue and relocate, I take them to a rural “rehab” bee yard which offers seclusion, an abundance and diversity of forage resources and careful oversight to get them to a status of being healthy and thriving without unnecessary intervention.

When you hire professional bee rescue rescue service providers like Tony Sandoval and his apprentices and assistants, you are getting an experienced, knowledgeable apiarist that is insured and is a registered contractor with Nebraska to open the structure the bees are in, remove them safely, repair the the structure, and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

By hiring a professional apiarist, you are helping to ensure that the bees being rescued have access to plenty of reliable beekeeping equipment and tools that are used to keep the bees safe as possible and do the best quality work to put everything back together.

Don’t kill bees.  Choose BBE-Tech Bee Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Call Tony Sandoval at 402-370-8018 and bee a hero!

One thought on “Bee Rescue and Rehabilitation

  1. Sandra Hexner

    Thank you for all this great information about bee removal! I really like your point that exterminating the bees is not the best way to go about removing bees because they get very defensive and it can create a safety hazard. We have a tons of bees on the side of our home and my husband was about to go spray them, so we are both very grateful for other solutions and we can hire someone to remove them for us.

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