Planning: Pt 1 – Goals

I really beelieve that successful beekeeping beegins with proper planning in place from the beeginning.  Every plan starts with a goal.  What is your goal?

“Why are you a beekeeper? What do you intend to achieve?” That is what you need to answer to set your goal(s).  Be as specific as you can.  It’s ok to have more than one goal, just don’t overwhelm yourself especially if you’re just getting started.

Your goal is your purpose.  It is what motivates you to start and continue every day with your beekeeping.  If what you end up accomplishing, if you find yourself accomplishing something is what you state as your goal, you have something to measure your success by.

So often I work with people who either have no clear goal or didn’t set the right goal for them.  Unfortunately, this more often than not leads to the beekeeper with feelings of failure, disappointment and not achieving anything.

Set the right goal based on why you are motivated to be a beekeeper to beegin with.  What inspires you, motivates you, makes you excited about beekeeping?  How do you see that ending up?  What do you see in your mind as really doing when you imagine yourself as a beekeeper?  That is your goal or at least the right path to follow to your goal.

For example, my goal is to be a conservation focused beekeeper.  I want to help keep bees alive and thriving.  Especially those bees that might otherwise be killed due to extermination or choosing a wholly unhealthy or inappropriate place to live.  I want to “rescue” successful, locally adapted bee colonies and build up a source of thriving “survivor” genetics.

That’s my goal.  It’s not everyone’s goal and even others who share that goal will find themselves diverging from me as we move to the next steps of a beekeeping plan such as objectives, strategies and tactics.

Good goals have certain things about them…

  • Realistic.  It needs to be something you can actually do.
  • Reasonable.  It needs to be something that falls into the “Probable” side out of the “Possible\Probable” odds.
  • Achievable.  Is it something “you” can do with what resources you currently have available or can obtain without creating a major upset in your life?
  • Measurable.  Don’t be vague.  If honey production is a goal, make sure you specify something like producing honey to sell or to give as gifts or to keep your cupboard stocked, etc…  Perhaps a goal would be to produce enough surplus honey to give some to every family member at the next Thanksgiving Day get-together.  Something like that.

In the next Step we’ll talk about fine-tuning those goals into strategies that will help focus more specifically on achieving those goals.


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