Immersion Beekeeping Experiences

For some people, and the number is growing, they find that learning something new like beekeeping can be helped immensely by doing it as they learn it.  Many folks are the type who find they learn best by jumping in feet first and just doing it.

That’s why I offer Beekeeping Retreats.  They give us the time and opportunity to work in a small group and really dig in and do the things we talk about, as we are talking about them.  Instant reinforcement.  Also, immediate context to be able to see how the details come together to form the bigger picture.

Combine small group immersion learning with an isolated, focused location and learning environment and you have everything you need for a no-holds barred beekeeping experience that will prepare you for beekeeping, or the next steps in beekeeping.

Imagine setting up your tent in an actual apiary.  You almost literally get to eat, sleep and breathe bees and beekeeping for a whole weekend.  I combine seven (7) beekeeping classes along with practical, hands-on application during the retreat.  At the end, each participant receives a Certificate of course completion from BBE-Tech Apiary Services.

This is your chance to do the things as you learn them with opportunities built in to ask the questions you have as they come up and apply to what you are doing.  A chance to hear it, see it, do it, all rolled into one fun outdoors experience you will always remember.

Now, you may think that by getting seven classes plus the hands-on experience is going to have to be outrageously expensive.  Similar “Full Immersion” courses can cost well over $500.00 per person.  Due to the nature of my work as a live bee nest removal specialist and collaboration with other local education experience enthusiasts and service providers, I am able to bring you a 3 day, 2 night, 7 full classes with hands-on application beekeeping experience for only $200.00 per person.  That includes food and class materials.  All you need to bring otherwise is your camping gear and a desire to “bee as one” with the bees.

We hope to offer at least two beginning beekeeping and two advanced beekeeping retreats each year.  We have one each planned for this Summer 2017 in July (Basic) and August (Advanced).   Keep an eye on this website for registration information for each retreat.

2 thoughts on “Immersion Beekeeping Experiences

  1. bigbear Post author

    To be honest, I’m the only one in the Omaha metro area that I know of that does something like this. If I ever hear or do something with cabins, I’ll post on it.

  2. Cammy Gawlak

    Hi! My daugher (26) has a dream to “be with bees” in as natural a setting as possible. That is what your retreat sounds like. The only problem is that she is not a camper. Do you know of any similar retreats like yours but where there would be cabins or something like that?
    BTW _ Thank you for doing what you do, bless the bees’ hearts… they are struggling and it breaks my heart. Hers, too.

    Thank you,

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