Bee Tech Review: Skil RAS900 Router Table

A router table is beekeeping tech?

Yes, yes it can be.  I use my router table to cut rabetts in my end boards of hive boxes.  I use it to cut dadoes in bottom boards and other hive parts that need grooves.

Just after cutting frame rest in hive box end board.


  • Legs fold underneath for easier storage.
  • Not too heavy allowing it to be portable to worksite.
  • Comes with accessories like detachable fingerboard 
  • Top is sturdy and lines are well marked for accuracy.
  • Good price range.  $90 to about $125 on average.
  • My older router fit in like it was made for it.
  • Router attachment system is very good.


  • Power cord to table switch is way too short.
  • Access to router for bit changes and adjustments isn’t convenient.
  • Need a converter piece to adapt large vacuum port to smaller vacuum hose.

Router Power

I have my old Craftsman 1.5 hp 2500 rpm EZ Router attached (I love that router) and the four “finger” attachment system fits beautifully with it.  The underside of the SKIL RAS900 router table has two “template” circles to help center the router in the hole.

The whole router attachment system on this table makes it so easy to swap routers in and out.



I score on a 1 – 5 system.  1 being worst. 5 being best.

Presentation: 4 – It’s a sharp looking table that doesn’t look or feel “cheap”.  The markings are clean and clear and easily visible and easy to understand.

Usability: 4 – It pretty much comes with all the basic parts to install a router and do simple, repetitive cutting out of the box.  I was cutting wood within about 20 minutes of opening the box.

Functionality: 4 – The legs fold in under the table for stowage and fold out to use it.  It has holes in the feet for screwing the table to a surface and there is a bottom “foot” on each corner to use clamps instead of screws.  The table is stable on it’s legs and doesn’t have any real movement once fastened in place.

Overall Score

4. I like this little router table very much.  Easy to set up, easy to use.  Fits in small, limited space workshops.  Easy to store, easy to take along.  Great for a beesy beekeeper.



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