You Bee You

My job is to help people bee better.  By that I mean to facilitate successful beekeeping through education, skills training, access to useful resources, and experienced assistance.

My goal is to help each beekeeper I work with to be as successful as they are able to in their own environment, with their own bees, according to their own goals and objectives.  I don’t intend to teach you to be the beekeeper that I am.  I want you to be the best beekeeper you can be.

Every colony has it’s own “personality”, it exists in it’s own micro-environment.  Your goals are going to represent you as an individual and what you want to achieve along the lines you need and want to operate in.

If I only taught people what I prefer or think of as best, I am not helping you to realize success on your terms.  I’m essentially teaching you to be successful in my terms or those of some group I associate with whether you agree with it or not.  Whether it is appropriate for your Apiary needs or not.

I teach best practices, pro’s and con’s of approaches and techniques.  I work to make sure people understand what they are doing, why they might want to do it or not, when, how and exceptions to it.  That way, armed with the knowledge and experience of different methods, approaches and materials, you can best decide whether it will bee appropriate for your beekeeping.

Sure, I have personal opinions and biases that affect my own beekeeping.  If you ask me about the how’s and whys I do things, I’ll tell you.  Not to influence your choices but as an example of one beekeeper putting it all together for themself.

In the end, it comes down to you and your bees.  I’ll bee me and you bee you.


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