What Do I Bring To The Beekeeping Classroom?

I offer several classes on beekeeping to help folks not only know “What” to do.  Most offerings give people that.  The classes I teach go further.  They help folks know “How” to do those things, “When” to do them and perhaps most importantly, “Why” things are being done.

I come from a school of thought that encourages ongoing learning and creative development in our knowledge and skills as we gain experience.  In order to do that, we have to know more than just what steps to follow.  When we learn “What” we’re doing and “Why” we’re doing it, it allows us to expand our ability and take ownership of our activity.  Not simply be stuck as an automaton repeatedly performing the same tasks over and over again as we were programmed to do.

I want you to be the best apiarist that YOU can be, not just a replica of the apiarist that I am.

First off, I create “Study Guides” that you can use in digital pdf format and have a print out to keep as a resource to lock up those things not necessary to dedicate to long term memory.

I provide an interactive presentation with discussion, the opportunity to ask questions as you learn the material, visual and audio aids.  I also include sensory input.  People remember and make associations better when reinforced with sensory experience.  Taste, touch, feel, etc…

Depending on which class is going on, it’s possible that I will have anything from honey to live bees to beeswax and who knows what else.  For example, in my Honey Production class I bring multiple varieties of honey to help prospective honey producing apiarists identity the tastes, textures, and appearances of the product they expect to make.

The best part is, I offer these classes whenever it works best for you.  I will schedule a private class for an individual, for a group and of course, I offer the same classes through Metro Community College every quarter.

What are you waiting for?  Whether you are just getting started in beekeeping or are ready to take the next step as an apiarist, I have a class to help you bee more successful.  All you have to do is show up.

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