What’s The Buzz In Big Bear’s Workshop

As some have noticed, I use this website here at bbe-tech.com to present information about the services and products I provide directly.  Things that I “Do” for people.  I present a mixed media focus on the the things I want to share and facilitate for others on the Bee Smart website (beesmart.bbe-tech.com) Between the two, I am busier than a one legged man in a hop frog contest.

This is the time of year I focus on three primary aspects of beekeeping leading up to the super busy Spring.

  • Performing Apiary/Apiarist planning sessions
  • Teaching beekeeping classes at Metro Community College
  • Building custom order hives for people interested in the Big Bear Special Hive (my version of a production organic hive) and assembling hives for those wanting to use conventional hives.

Though I focus mostly on those three areas this time of year, I also still do my R&D wax work designing and producing different kinds of candles (such as my ultra, super-awesome Shotglass Candles).

I had been selling my candles but I think no more.  I like to make them.  But as beekeeping is my business and day to day work, (which I LOVE, by the way)  I think I want to keep my wax works as a hobby.  giving them away as gifts, using them at home when the power goes out or whatever other reason I can think of to burn a candle or make lip balm or skin salve or wood protector.

I can make soap and all kinds of stuff out of beeswax.  I teach classes on how to do it at MCC.  But for an “regular” thing as part of my business or the like, I don’t want to make them for the purpose of selling them anymore.

I have to admit, my shotglass candles are very exciting to me because they make FANTASTIC gifts when matched up to a custom shotglass with a design on it that has a special connection to the person it’s given to.  You should see my new set of shotglasses I got just for around the house.  These are for me but I will will show you all a picture of them with the candle in it beecause it’s just TOO COOL!

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