Big Bear’s Beeswax Lipbalm Class

This coming Monday, I get to teach a class on making beeswax based lip balm.  The recipe is one of my favorites and the class participants will get to help make a batch and take some home with them after getting my recipe and walking through the process with me step-by-step.

A great opportunity to learn to make something useful with natural ingredients and a process that you control from beginning to end.

Come to the MCC DoSpace beeswax lip balm making class and bee creative with me.

Register for the following classes;

Please register for these classes at:

Register: • 531-MCC-5231

ANIM-061N-50 M 05:30P-08:30P 01/09-01/09 $34

ANIM-061N-51 W 01:00P-04:00P 02/01-02/01 $34



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