Action and thought

There is an old saying that “Action without thought is wasted energy and thought without action is a waste of time.”  Being a naturally spontaneous person, I have had to learn those lessons the hard way.  

In my work as a self employed professional apiarist, I do business as BBE-Tech Apiary Services. My work has two primary aspects ; doing things for people and teaching people to do things.

Recently I began what I have called the “Bee Smart beekeeping project”.  I even gave it a separate website.  The reason being that I want the main website here at bbe-tech to focus on communicating about the things I can do for other people.

Bee Smart on the other hand, now exists to communicate those things I teach and to help other people be better prepared to do on their own.

There is value to both.  For a variety of reasons, most people would prefer to let someone else take live bee nests out of buildings.  Also, there are services I am able to do that give beekeepers an objective perspective on such as when I do apiary and hive inspections.  Other things I am able to do very well because of experience and knowledge that others find valuable such as when I provide coaching, private instruction and hands-on  assistance.

BBE-Tech Apiary Services is where I do things for clients.

Bee Smart is where I can inform, act as a guide, make resources available and, hopefully, even entertain.  By using videos, podcasts and the ever interactive nature of the world wide web, I can not only make resources available, but I can tie them together across media.  I can, for example, make a hive inspection form for free download available on the download page of the website.  Then I can make a video to walk you through the process of using the inspection form.  Finally, I can use the podcasts, especially live “call-in” episodes, to answer specific questions emailed, left as social media messages and by talking to people, directly from the folks using the inspection form and watching the video.

I am here to help people to plan and be prepared to be better beekeepers as well as offer direct support to those people so they can accomplish what they need done, when it needs to be done.



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