BBE-Tech Apiary Services Introduces “Bee Smart” TV Show

We are buzzing with excitement to introduce our new feature presentation of a show about bees and beekeeping to be aired on local public access television AND online!

The show is called “Bee Smart” and the objective is to educate and inform both beekeepers and non-beekeepers about all manner of topics related to beekeeping, bees, and hive products.

As a part of the show, we have added a designated webpage to our website here at BBE-Tech just for the “Bee Smart” show.  It will feature information about local beekeeping groups and activities and more in-depth material about things presented on the show.

We will focus on filming 12 episodes to begin with packed with interviews, How-To’s, Reviews and interesting information to help beekeepers continue to be successful.

We are welcoming local businesses and beekeeping groups to help sponsor segments of the show to let the world know they are serious about promoting successful beekeeping.  Yes, it also helps us with production costs.

For more information about contributing local information about beng a show sponsor, your beekeeping group, association, business, inventions and more, please shoot an email to

2 thoughts on “BBE-Tech Apiary Services Introduces “Bee Smart” TV Show

  1. bigbear Post author

    There are a few ways I can bee of assistance. I teach beekeeping classes at Metro Community College. Taking those starting in the Winter quarter can get you ready for Next Summer.

    Also, I offer private beekeeping coaching in which I can be hired to help you capture and hive them next Spring.

    Please feel free to contact me through the contact form on this website or at 402-370-8018 for more information.

  2. kathi proctor

    I have Honey bees in my yard how can I start a hive and keep them here right now they’ve got a hive in a lg. Birdhouse , I need your help to keep them here !

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