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I want to let local beekeepers in  a little bit of information today.  There is often more than one way to do something.  There is often more than one “right way”.  Sometimes there really is only one “right way” and sometimes there really is no “right way”, just the way a given person prefers.

When it comes to supporting local beekeepers, be it direct support services like assembling equipment or advising on beekeeping, I make every effort to do it it the best way possible.  The “best way” is a combination of two primary influences.  Your preferences or needs and the level of quality held to when doing something.

I take into consideration the best quality of materials and information available to provide you with.  I add to that what your beekeeping goals, management requirements and environmental considerations are.  My goal is to help you be the best beekeeper you can be, where you are at with what you want to do and have available to work with.


If I tell you I am going to do something, I make every reasonable effort to do what I said I will do.  If there is sound logic and evidence to support doing something better or different for you to consider, I will provide that for your consideration.  My goal in business is not to make you the beekeeper I think you should be or the beekeeper that some bureaucrat or otherwise thinks you should be.  I am here to help you be the best beekeeper you can be on your terms, based on your goals and interests.

From something as simple as using a particular glue for assembling hive boxes to adhering to fact based hive inspections to answering your questions on various ways to do certain things in beekeeping.  I intend to get you the information and materials that will best build that equipment and answer the questions and support your beekeeping goals.

And by golly if I don’t already have that ready to provide for you, I will go investigate and get that information or material.  I will do extra research and hunting down resources to give you the best results I can.

I see myself not just as a local beekeeping services business but as an ally to beekeeping.  The beekeeping world needs educated and informed, skilled and trained beekeepers.  Beekeepers need equipment and resources they can count on when they need it.  I want to help you be that beekeeper.

Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval

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