A Biologically Organic Approach to Beekeeping

The word “Organic” seems to have many meanings to many people.  When discussing beekeeping, I prefer to follow the scientific definition which is to mimic, emulate or imitate the natural behavior or response in a given situation of another creature.

In this case, the creature we seek to emulate are successful feral (or if in Europe, wild) honey bee colonies.  In my experience thus far, this means letting bees take care of the nest and beekeepers focusing more on the hive in which the bees build their nest.

By working to reduce unnecessary stress and minimize unhealthy environments, beekeepers can focus on working to keeping hives easily defensible, easy to care for for the population present and having the necessary foraging resources available even or perhaps especially during times of dearth.

This of course doesn’t mean ignoring doing timely inspections.  Inspections are extremely necessary so that the beekeeper can know what the colony needs to best care and provide for itself.

This can include hive manipulations, direct changes to the colony such as requeening, finding ways to prevent scavengers, parasites, and other pests from building up unchecked population levels and other similar types of prevention and early intervention.

You can find out more about an scientifically organic approach to beekeeping by taking one of my classes at MCC or by hiring me for a private class or for personal beekeeping coaching.



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