The Secret To Treatment-Free Beekeeping

Is there a magic spell to keeping bees without using pesticide treatments in the hives?

Is treatment-free beekeeping just a myth?

The answer to both questions is “No”.

Treatment-free beekeeping is not a new concept.  Treatment-free beekeeping does not have to expose neighboring hives to diseases and pests. It’s not always easy and it’s not always quick but it is not only possible, it happens in apiaries all around, all the time.

Treatment-free beekeeping begins with solid genetics.  When you have good queens that produce bees which are feisty but not nasty you have a good genetic trait.

Feisty bees defend the nest better.  Feisty bees produce more honey.  Feisty bees are very often highly hygienic and patrol the combs to root out pests and diseases before they become serious problems.

Locally adapted bees are adjusted to your area’s growing season.  They are adapted to the plant availability in their foraging range.  Successful locally adapted bees are often feisty (but not Nasty) bees.

If you want to be a successful treatment-free beekeeper you have to start with the right bees, not just any bees you buy in a box.

Learn more about organic and treatment-free beekeeping in one of the classes I teach at Metro Community College.  BBE-Tech Apiary Services and Metro Community College, working together to help local beekeepers to bee successful.

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