Benefits of the BBE-Tech: Bee Market

We believe that by being present in the Omaha/Metro area, our Bee Market provides several benefits for beekeepers in our area and beyond.

  1. We are an authorized direct dealer of Honey-B-Healthy a natural ingredient nutritional supplement and encourages brood expansion.
  2. We are an authorized direct dealer of NOD Apiary Products such as Mite Away Quick Strips and re-usable Hive Wraps (single and double deeps).
  3. We are an authorized Brushy Mtn Bee Farm dealer and sell several Brushy Mtn high quality beekeeping products including foundation, assembled frames of all sizes, assembled hive bodies of all sizes, hive tools, and much more.
  4. You can look at the variety of items we offer at our ever present web catalog at
  5. We offer a weekend local pickup location so that people in the area can stop by and pick up the orders they have called or emailed in to us during the week.
  6. We are able to ship most orders the same day and have them delivered to your door in Nebraska & Iowa locations by the next day using Spee-Dee Delivery.  Spee-Dee is not only fast, they are only about half the price of UPS/USPS which means you save big $ (often much cheaper than by driving in to Omaha and spending $ on gas for the trip.)
  7. For very small items, we are often able to save you more $ by shipping with USPS.
  8. We are experienced Omaha area beekeepers.  You can ask questions about how to use items, when to use them even if they should be used.  Our mission is to have local beekeepers be successful.
  9. We hold “Demo Days” at various locations in the Omaha/Metro area (and other areas if you want to help us find a host spot outside of Omaha) where you can see and touch the beekeeping products and supply for yourself to see what things are before you buy it un-seen online.
  10. We are official sponsors of the 70 plus member Omaha Bee Club which supports beekeepers in Washington, Douglas and Sarpy counties.

Please visit our online catalog to find your beekeeping supplies and equipment.  We work hard to provide these things to Nebraska and Iowa residents who want a more personalized and local resource.  Buying from catalogs and online companies is fine if you know exactly what you’re looking for and how they work.

If you want information about these items from someone who keeps bees in the same region as you do, check out the BBE-Tech: Bee Market.

If you want to have more affordable options for delivery than UPS, please consider the BBE-Tech: Bee Market.

If you like doing business with local business, please look at the BBE-Tech: Bee Market.

Call Tony Sandoval at 402-370-8018, visit or shoot an email to to put in your beekeeping supplies and equipment order.


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