Come On Down To “Demo Days” And Meet Big Bear the Bee Doctor

Once a month BBE-Tech will be putting on our “Demonstration Days” where we set up our traveling tent and talk about bees, beekeeping and beekeeping equipment and supplies.

Beekeepers can come on down to see beekeeping equipment and products.  Learn how to use them, wen to use them and maybe if they should use them.  See these items in person instead of just relying on catalog or web pictures.  Ask questions about the items from someone who has actually used them in beekeeping and isn’t just reading a script over the phone.

We will also demonstrate our cedar oil, non-toxic pest spray products for people who want to get rid of the pests but don’t want the poisons that can hurt them too.

Come on down from 10 am till 2 pm at one of our rotating locations to talk about bees and how to get rid of pests without poisons.   Enjoy a nice cold honey root beer or honey cream soda while your there.

The next “Demo Day” is set for Saturday, May 26th from 10 am till 2 pm in front of the coolest honey store in the Omaha/Metro area “It’s All About Bees” on 84th & Park Drive in Ralston.

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