Know Your Neo-nicotinoids

Neo-nicotinoids have been around now for quite awhile under various names and as part of many pesticide products.

Something to be aware of though, especially for urban beekeepers is that this class of pesticide is not limited to agricultural and farm use as it is mostly discussed in the media.

On the contrary, these chemicals are used in many products used by pest control professionals and in home use pesticide products as well.

Names of the most common neo-nicotinoids are:


  • Bayer in-furrow/seed trt.
  • Admire Pro – Bayer – seed treatment
  • Gaucho – Bayer – foliar
  • Provado – Bayer – foliar
  • Leverage1 – Makhteshim – foliar, soil
  • Pasada, Alias Cheminova foliar and soil
  • Couraze
  • Merit 75
  • Imigold
  • Dominion 2L
  • Adonis 75
  • Adonis 2F
  • Criterion 75
  • Mallet 75
  • Hi-Yield Grub free zone
  • I Maxx Pro
  • CoreTect Tree & Shrub tablets
  • Termidor SC
  • Premise Foam termiticide
  • Temprid SC
  • MaxForce Granular Fly bait
  • Premise 2
  • Bayer Advanced All-In-One Rose and Flower Care
  • Bayer Advanced Fruit, Citrus and Vegetable Insect Control
  • Bayer Advanced 2-In-1 Insect Control Plus Fertilizer Plant Spikes
  • Fertilome Rose & Flower Food 14-12-11


  • Syngenta in furrow
  • Platinum Syngenta foliar
  • Actara Syngenta seed treatment
  • Cruiser
  • acetamiprid Cerexagri foliar
  • Assail
  • Optigard FLEX Liquid Insecticide


  • Bayer‘ seed treatment
  • Poncho2/ Arvesta in furrow
  • Belay2/ Arvesta foliar
  • Clutch2/
  • Arena 0.25 Granules


  • Valent in furrow/foliar
  • Venom2
  • Alpine Dust
  • Safari 20SG

We are learning new things all the time about the effects of neo-nicotinoids on our bees and our environment.  New studies showing them to be more harmful than they were first reported to be.

Sometimes toxic chemicals are necessary to correct problems in extreme situations like insect infestations that are causing severe economic, safety or health problems.  Obviously, used carefully and responsibly under close monitoring, they can be of great benefit.

Keep in mind, these neo-nicotinoids are systemics.  Once they are absorbed by the plant, they become a part of the plant.  Every part,  stem, petal, nectar, pollen, everything.  They aren’t just left behind at the farm or greenhouse or backyard they were grown in.  They go with the plant.  With the fruit, with the vegetable, everything.

Would you treat a common cold with chemo radiation treatment?  A mosquito bite with surgery?  Then why apply the most toxic and hazardous products at the least or lowest of pest levels?  It’s the equivalent of shooting a cannonball at an ant.  In other words, overkill.

Keep your eyes open, be aware of what you are using and what others are using around you.




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