Fleas, ticks and mites, Oh My!


Because of the extra-mild winter this year, the early spring could bring an unwelcome guest: the tick. Be warned: The warmer weather is good news for people and pets who want to be outside, but beware of an uptick of the hard-to-detect pest. The basic reason is that the eggs will hatch sooner. “Eggs are already in the ground, but this is the time that they will be coming out in great numbers,” said Pollie Rueda, an entomologist…

Sad but true, the insects that make life unpleasant will have a headstart  this season.

The good news is that BBE-Tech: Integrated Pest Management services has solutions that are effective, non-toxic and natural that can help you keep those pests in control and keep your family safe from disease carrying pests and toxic chemicals.

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Don’t forget our cedar oil non-toxic pesticides that are made for personal use in your indoor and outdoor living and working spaces, Evictor and Nature’s Defender.




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