Evictor Insect Spray Info

Evictor RTU (Ready To Use) Insect Spray

Natural and effective cedar oil based spray.

 Made in the USA, Bottled and Distributed by BBE-Tech in Omaha, NE

 Evictor is NOT toxic. It is safe for people and animals.

 Evictor will kill and repel nearly all insects.

 Evictor will repel rats, mice and even snakes.

 Pleasant “cedar chest” aroma left behind.

Evictor can be used as a…

  •                          Treatment for animal bedding and pet areas.

  • Spray on dogs to keep mites, ticks, fleas off of them.

  • Spot treatment in home and offices where insects are present.

  • Mosquito/Insect repellent on hiking/walking activities

  • Area treatment to interrupt and prevent insect activity.

  • Spider killer/prevention

  •                            Killer of motel bedbugs and prevent bedbug transport.

Buy Evictor in easy to use sizes for home and personal use.

Evictor can be used in any room, including kitchens.

Find out how Evictor can be used as part of a regular pest management service schedule for your home or office by BBE-Tech

Evictor is safe, effective and affordable, get a bottle today.

402-370-8018 beesniz@bbetech.com www.bbe-tech.com

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