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Welcome to my website

I’m not sure if I’m a renaissance man or if I just enjoy doing a variety of things.

My name is Tony Sandoval, AKA “Big Bear”, AKA “the S.O.Bee”.   I’m a professional apiarist and beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College in Omaha, NE.   Coming to you live from South Omaha, forever the “Magic City”.

I am a Handyman experienced in furniture, shelving, and office equipment.  I’m also a Nebraska registered contractor and insured so that if I’m taking care of a bee thing for you, doing some structural repair work or even a bit of both, I bring professional service and support in all of my work.

Last but not least, I’m a computer network technician.  I setup computers, computer networking and network servers.  I specialize in implementing the GNU-Linux operating system.

Beekeeping Work

I specialize in beekeeping education and training, professional apiary management\operation of production and teaching apiaries.

I also do professional live removal and swarm captures of honey bees and bumblebees from commercial and rental properties for businesses and property owners.


Bee Smart

Do you want to learn more about bees and beekeeping?   The Bee Smart beekeeping project has podcasts, videos, community forum and posted articles to inform and entertain you.

Let Bubba Bee show you what bee happening and visit the Bee Smart website today.  Click here to go there now.



Did you see this sign?


If you did and you followed the link here, thank you.  I want to make sure that everyone is safe while I do the interesting and sometimes risky work of doing a live removal of a bee nest and bees from someone’s property.

I know you are curious and that you want to see what’s going on, but live bee removals can quickly go from “Seemingly Easy” to “Downright Dangerous”.  In just a matter of a few moments, a sudden change of weather or a small accidental drop of a piece of bee covered honey comb, a live bee removal can become a stinging frenzy with people and animals in a square block radius feeling the wrath of the bees.

Please remain at least 100 feet away from the actual work to allow me to do the job properly, keeping bees and people healthy and safe.

I hope you look around the web site here and see what being a Professional Apiarist is all about.




You can text, email or Skype a photo or video of the critters you want identified for a faster response and determination if they are even bees at all.


Contact Info:

Email: Tony Sandoval AKA “Big Bear”

Instant Messaging: for Google Hangouts

Skype me at username; bigbearomaha

Find the BBE-Tech FaceBook page at: @gbarescue

Find the BBE-Tech Google Plus page at: Big Bear’s Apiary Services

Phone: 402-370-8018