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I’m not sure if I’m a renaissance man or if I just enjoy doing a variety of things.  My name is Tony Sandoval, AKA “Big Bear”, AKA “the S.O.Bee”.

Custom Courier Service

I provide on-demand and last-mile pickup and delivery service for people in the residential, small business and community organization markets.

Just as honey bees go out to pickup loads of pollen, nectar, water and propolis then make a “bee line” right back to the nest to get the valuable cargo where it needs to be, I provide direct on-demand and last-mile service directly to people, small businesses and community organizations in an affordable and easy to use way.

When you need something taken from Point A to Point Bee, let me bee the one you trust.

Contact me at: 402-370-8018

You Get To Help Rescue Local Bees

My friends, did you know that not only do you get exceptional on-demand pickup and delivery service with my Bee Line P&D custom courier service, but that your support and use of this service also supports efforts to rescue and relocate honey bees and bumblebees in the Omaha metro area as opposed to them being killed unnecessarily by exterminators and inconvenient nest locations?

Spread the word, ask your local Omaha area businesses if they offer on-demand pickup and delivery service with Bee Line P&D because you would prefer exceptional service and support of local bees.

Relocated bees are taken to the Scatter Joy Acres Teaching Apiary.

Contact Info:

Email: Tony Sandoval AKA “Big Bear”

Instant Messaging: for Google Hangouts

Skype me at username; bigbearomaha

Find the BBE-Tech FaceBook page at: @gbarescue

Find the BBE-Tech Google Plus page at: Big Bear’s Apiary Services

Phone: 402-370-8018

Reasons To Use Bee Line P&D Custom Courier Service