Bee Informed

I want to talk to you about voluntary programs and AFLAC on this page.

Here is a video from AFLAC that explains in more detail just what Voluntary Programs are:


Now that you have a better idea of what Voluntary Programs are (also known as Voluntary Benefits), let’s look at what AFLAC really offers to people.  It’s interesting to note that while almost everyone can identify the AFLAC duck and know the name “AFLAC”, not many people know what AFLAC’s really does.



I work with local businesses to not only bring extra, valuable resources to their employees, but to help them be more successful in dealing with insurance concerns and to be a partner that makes dealing with insurance issues, particularly Voluntary Programs, much easier and affordable.

I also am able to bring AFLAC’s Voluntary Programs directly to individuals who may not be able to get Voluntary benefits from an employer.  This is especially true for people who are self employed or run the traditional “Mom and Pop Shop” who think that such resources are out of their reach.

I would love to provide you with a no obligation opportunity to get more information where I can bring you free information on benefits programs specifically tailored to you or your business.

Contact me at 402-740-1454 or by e-mail at


AFLAC’S Fight Against Cancer

AFLAC has been fighting cancer, especially childhood cancers for years.  Please watch these videos showing how their commitment is making a difference.