Bee Informed

Did you see this sign?


If you did and you followed the link here, thank you.  We want to make sure that everyone is safe while we do the interesting and sometimes risky work of doing a live removal of a bee nest and bees from someone’s property.

I know you are curious and that you want to see what’s going on, but live bee removals can quickly go from “Seemingly Easy” to “Downright Dangerous”.  In just a matter of a few moments, a sudden change of weather or a small accidental drop of a piece of bee covered honey comb, a live bee removal can become a stinging frenzy with people and animals in a square block radius feeling the wrath of the bees.

Please remain at least 100 feet away from the actual work to allow me and my assistants to do the job properly, keeping bees and people healthy and safe.

I hope you look around the web site here and see what being a Professional Apiarist is all about.



The Beekeeper

I am a certified Master Beekeeper, a Professional Apiarist, Founder and President of the Omaha Bee Club, private Beekeeping Coach and a Beekeeping class Instructor.  My whole point in being an Apiarist is to help keep local bees healthy and alive.  To that end, I provide mentoring/coaching, teach beekeeping classes and offer consulting services in how to plan, implement and maintain successful apiaries for individuals, organizations, and educational and business campuses wanting to create landscapes and gardens that support bees and other pollinators and provide products of the hive to their students, employees and customers in an environmentally responsible way that respects the bees and other pollinators.


You can text, email or Skype a photo or video of the critters you want identified for a faster response and determination if they are even bees at all.

Contact Info:

Email: Tony Sandoval AKA “Big Bear”

Instant Messaging: for Google Hangouts

Skype me at username; bigbearomaha

Find me on Facebook at:  Big Bear’s Consulting

Find me on Google Plus at: Big Bear’s Consulting

Phone: 402-370-8018

The Bees

I do live removals, “Rescues”” if you will, of Honey bees and Bumblebees.  The reasons for this are multiple.

  •  It helps to keep bees alive that would otherwise be killed by pesticides or exterminators.
  • It keeps successfully locally adapted, hygienic traits and biological diversity present in our area.
  • It removes bees as a public health and safety threat to people and animals from unfortunate places and relocates them to areas where they can successfully go about their beesiness.
  • It promotes awareness and education of the value of bees to our society and the environment.
  • It places bees in the care of trained and educated beekeepers who can work to ensure the long term health and survival of some of our favorite beneficial pollinators.