Welcome to BBE-Tech

At BBE-Tech, we are dedicated to keeping bees alive, being ecologically responsible and helping people to handle pest problems without exposing people, pets or plants unnecessarily.

Bee Removal and bee pollination services are special services we bring to the Omaha/Metro area.  We can work to remove bees from homes, businesses and other locations.  We make every effort to keep bees alive after the removal if at all possible.  Visit our bee removal page to find out how we can do this.

If you have ornamental landscapes or fruit/vegetable gardens in a residential or commercial setting, we can provide honey bee pollinating services with managed hive placement.  You can learn more about these services on our local pollination page

Please contact us at (402) 740-1454 or you can e-mail us at beesniz@bbe-tech.com.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Consulting and Services are available for home and small business customers.  We work with our clients in  a way that provides the best pest control at costs the resident and small business operator are in control of.  We provide training for staff whose tasks are related to pest control.

If you are wanting to resolve a specific pest control problem or maintain and regular IPM plan, contact BBE-Tech to learn how we can help you reduce and eliminate pest problems in the most non-toxic and most affordable way.

Cedar Oil Pest Sprays. BBE-Tech is proud to offer a natural and organic line of pest spray products made with cedar oil.  We have worked hard to bring you these products legally in Nebraska with Dept of Ag. approved labels.  You can eliminate pests like bedbugs, ants, ticks, fleas mites, grubs and many more without harming people, pets and plants.  Learn more about getting these products and how to properly apply them on the Cedar Oil page.